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    [slideshow 6] [slide title="I’m a Roddy fan."]First, Roddy is not a Texas foreclosure expert, he is THE expert. I have never had a more through class on a subject, well done!
    - Charlie Gibson
    San Antonio, TX
    [/slide] [slide title="Over 100k in 14 months!"]I’ve made over $100k buying auction foreclosures with Roddy’s coaching and guidance. He has my strongest recommendation.
    - John Barr
    Dallas, TX
    [/slide] [slide title="I love that Roddy is local!"]George teaches from 18 years of experience in Texas real estate, plus he’s not a high-pressure speaker like the out of town gurus.
    - Diane Touchtone
    Leander, TX
    [/slide] [slide title="4 houses in 5 months!"]I took Roddy’s Tax lien course while in Chicago. Our last deal was a townhome in Garland that we picked up for 30% of market value!
    - Geoff Morthland
    Chicago, IL
    [/slide] [slide title="$12,000 on my first deal."]I took George’s course on short sales and three weeks later got a deal under contract and sold to one of my buyers.
    - Henry Weng, REALTOR®
    Grapevine, TX
    [/slide] [slide title="Most knowledge for your dollar"]Hands down the classes from Roddy.com give you the most knowledge for your dollar in the state of Texas.
    - Matt Hammond
    [/slide] [/slideshow]

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