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George Edmund Roddy, Sr., age 72 of McKinney, Texas passed away on March 31, 2017 with his beloved family at his side. He is survived by his wife, five children and eight grandchildren.

His story….

George moved from San Francisco, California to Dallas, Texas at the age of ten. He attended Thomas Jefferson High School and then went on to attend both Texas Wesleyan University and Southern Methodist University. George was a man of deep faith and over the last six years, he battled several alignments (including heart disease and end stage renal disease), but he was determined to fight until the very end.

The beginning of his career….

George’s career started in 1966 when he got a job with the Dallas County Clerk’s Map and Plat division. Within six months of his employment, he noticed an opportunity. He observed that the same type of people would come to his department daily. These people were real estate appraisers, investors, developers and brokers. And what were they looking for? … data.

Within six months of being employed by the County, he took a second job. Ironically, this second job was at the same location as his day job. When the county doors closed, George stayed. He would work until the late hours of the night compiling a list of who was buying and selling commercial real estate, and then plotting them on a map of Dallas. That was the beginning.

In 1968, he decided to quit his day job and open the doors to his first company, DRESCO (Diversified Real Estate Services Co). He put all his eggs into one basket, because he only had one product to sell. This product was called “The Roddy Report”. The report was a compilation of all the commercial properties that were bought or sold in Dallas County on a monthly basis. Within two years, his firm expanded its coverage to encompass the entire DFW metroplex. Within five years, he had expanded to all the four major Texas markets; and within eight years, his firm was providing data in Texas, Colorado and Florida.

After the real estate crash of the late 80’s, George saw another opportunity… foreclosures. He purchased Foreclosure Listing Service, Inc. and quickly expanded this one county home-based company to one that now covers over 20 counties in Texas.

Throughout the years, George started and owned many new companies (RealTrac and RealSmart), and advised, consulted and spoke with thousands of people about the real estate industry in Texas. He was known as one of the top experts on real estate trends and forecasting. Because of his expertise in the real estate industry, George was often quoted by many newspapers, including the Dallas Morning News and Wall Street Journal. He gave countless interviews with major TV networks and business radio outlets throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Even with all the notoriety, George’s true passion was customer success. He would say “life is not about how many awards you receive, but how many people you award.” His mission was to be a pioneer in the business, while not sacrificing personal customer service. His bottom line wasn’t read on a profit and loss chart, but through the lives of others.



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